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To provide disabled veterans in the San Antonio area with solutions to their needs at home, specifically helping to remodel bathroom areas to accommodate disabled veterans’ physical limitations.


  • To have resources in place and ready to help disabled veterans who have urgent needs for accessible showers that are not being met through other channels or programs.
  • To bring attention to the needs of disabled veterans.
  • To raise money to augment in-kind donations (e.g., labor and materials) that will support remodeling projects that provide accessible showers for veterans who cannot otherwise get the support they need to modify their bathrooms to accommodate their physical limitations.


The 501(c)3 charity was founded by Giovanni Marotta to put his own personal philosophies into action: honor, courage, commitment, and “leave no man behind”.

Giovanni first started to provide bathroom accessibility support to veterans in 2014 when he met Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Guillermo “TJ” Tejada who lost both of his legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2010. The cost of remodeling TJ’s home was more than the family could afford. Giovanni helped TJ find a monetary grant to support the necessary remodeling at his residence, and did the project at cost.

A year later in 2015, Giovanni made it possible for another Marine to have an accessible shower. Marine Corps veteran L. “Duke” Hendershot served in Vietnam and lost his legs in a 1967 battle with North Vietnamese soldiers. In 2014, Duke injured his elbow and arm in an accident, making it nearly impossible for him to transfer from his wheelchair to a regular shower. Giovanni donated labor from his company to remodel Duke’s shower, and was able to get the necessary bathroom materials and fixtures donated by suppliers.

Finding that people and organizations are interested in contributing to the efforts to help disabled veterans, Giovanni founded the charity in 2015 to raise money to support shower remodeling projects for disabled veterans who need accessible bathrooms. Funds raised are placed into an account that helps support bathroom remodeling projects for veterans in need.

Giovanni will continue to provide remodeling services at cost through his remodeling business to veterans selected through the process established by the charity. He invites other remodeling companies to join him in doing the same.


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